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Protecting Our Clients’ Futures

Ending a marriage is already one of the most emotionally challenging curveballs life can throw. When legal concerns complicate the matter, it can feel overwhelming or even devastating. Without proper mediation, a high-asset divorce can intensify quickly and become messy, so it’s crucial to find a lawyer to help you understand all the avenues of recourse and assistance that are available. Whether you’re experiencing a contentious divorce or one that’s more amicable, McLaughlin Law Firm is here to provide a middle ground and support you through this difficult time.

An Experienced Legal Professional To Serve You

Our attorney has decades of knowledge about Mississippi’s divorce laws, and she’s prepared to work on your behalf to ease the transition of divorce while making sure you have all your legal bases covered. In some cases, a prenuptial agreement was signed prior to the marriage. In others, there was a joint effort to build assets, which requires much more legal intervention, work that should be entrusted to a legal professional.

Divorce Is A Complicated Process

There are numerous considerations you’ll need to take into account during this process, especially where property and finance divisions are concerned. Other factors to address in your divorce proceedings include:

Your children: Deciding on custody is just one part of the formula. There are also issues like child support, insurance, tax dependency and college education that must be sorted.
Spousal support: In some cases, one spouse is entitled to receive continued support for a certain period of time, including maintaining health coverage. The terms of this support are part of what a lawyer can help you map out.
Property beyond real estate: Besides a house and any joint land ownership, property such as vehicles, collectibles, furnishings, estate plans and business interests may be involved and require deeper legal knowledge of state laws surrounding their division.

You’ll also want to be sure to provide documentation of all your assets, including insurance policies, bills, portfolios, budgets, financial statements, contracts and all other related information. At our firm, we can help you gather the necessary information and advocate for your interests. Together, we’ll take it one step at a time. 

Let Us Back You Up In This Difficult Time

There are many components to a divorce, and the more assets there are, the more complicated the case may be. Don’t attempt to go through this difficult transition without someone who has the experience to guide you. Call McLaughlin Law Firm today at 601-255-2837, or send us an email.